Stupid essay on ice cream

stupid essay on ice cream:
this week i had ice cream five times and it’s only thursday.

my best friend said
the girl he has a crush on
told him he would be
pistaccio if he was an
ice cream flavor.

it’s sunday and
he is walking alone
tasting pistaccio ice cream
for the first time
thinking about her
about what she thought
about the reason why she
chose pistaccio and not
some other flavor.

this whole thing seems extremely poetic to me.

the sole fact of knowing that
some day in the future
he or she will have pistaccio ice cream
and suddenly they will
think of each other,
they’ll remember the association
and they will smile:
i think that
can be a way of
kissing someone.

i am so scared of endings,
so scared of the nostalgy that comes after,
i would never pick an specific flavor
for you.

you can take everything but ice cream.